Praise for Small Treasons

"Small Treasons is a beautifully written, disturbing portrait of Americans searching for meaning in a violent, fragmented world. What a marvelous novel this is." -Ron Rash, author of Serena and Above the Waterfall

"An excellent, suspenseful ride... Powell digs deeply into some heavy themes, exploring pervasive violence and the startling path to radicalization that disaffected teens can find themselves on...Readers will be eager to find out how these lyrical and tense stories entwine, and they eventually do, with surprising but inevitable results."-- Publishers Weekly

"Part family drama, part psychological exploration of the confusion of modern life, and part thriller, Powell skillfully intertwines the plot with the human, political, and religious subtexts."-- The National

“Impossible to put down, Small Treasons is the best work of Mark Powell's young career, and brings all of his prodigious talents to bear on his most compelling story yet. An up-to-the-minute exploration of our political climate and the violence, both physical and emotional, that results from it.”    James Scott, author of The Kept

“A brilliant novelist at the top of his game. Small Treasons achieves that rare balance between complexity and pacing, a story rich and intricate, propulsive and satisfying. Mark Powell has been the South’s best-kept secret for far too long.”
 David Joy, author of Where All Light Tends To Go
“This terrifying novel is a work of genius. I couldn’t stop reading it, but I had to adjust to the world inside the book, which unnerved me much more than my actual trips to Syria did. Be careful as you read it, but for godsakes read it. Powell is something else. Whew.” Dennis Covington, author of Salvation on Sand Mountain