Author Mark Powell's Small Treasons
  Tess Maynard is coming apart. At home with her three young children in her husband’s Georgia hometown, people keep asking if she’s depressed, if she and John are okay.
Secretly, she’s becoming obsessed with the war on terror—an ISIS beheading video in particular. Something about the victims’ captivity on the computer screen resonates with her. Something inside of her demands endless prayers for a world gone mad.
The carefully constructed life of her husband is likewise beginning to unravel. Now a college counselor, John’s former life bears persistently into the present. Once a contractor at a CIA black site that interrogated suspected terrorists—and one innocent civilian—he is given a choice by the Justice Department: either help with a problem in the homeland, or they investigate.
Forced by an old colleague to spy on a new one, John’s experiences abroad come home to roost in Georgia. For his wife, for his family, he goes along with the game. But just as he and Tess work to salvage their life together, the world comes between them in the form of a young man slowly being radicalized by the professor John is reporting on.
  In a moment Tess imagined and never wanted to see, the intersection of their three lives is as devastating as the bomber’s explosion of hate and metal, and as inevitable as the battle between powers great and personal.  

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Author Mark Powell's The Sheltering Novel
Luther Redding lost his job and almost lost his wife, Pamela, and teenaged daughters, Katie and Lucy, when the real estate bubble burst in Florida.  Now he pilots a Reaper drone over the mountains of Afghanistan from a command center in the bowels of Tampa's MacDill Air Force Base, studying a target's pattern of life and awaiting the command to end that life.  Meanwhile Booby Rosen has returned home from his tours in Iraq to a broken marriage and an estranged son, his promising military career cut short in a moment of terrible violence in a a Sadr City marketplace.  As the tales of Luther and Bobby unfold, Mark Powell masterfully engages with the vexing, bifurcated lives of combatants in the global war on terror, those who are simultaneously here and there and thus never fully freed from the life-and-death chaos of the battlefield.

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Author Mark Powell's The Dark Corner Novel
A troubled Episcopal priest and would-be activist, Malcolm Walker has failed twice over--first in an effort to shock his New England congregants out of their complacency and second in an attempts at suicide.  Haunted by images of the Iraq War and Abu Ghraib, he heads home to the mountains of northwestern South Carolina, the state's "dark corner," where a gathering of storm of private grief and public rage awaits him."

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Author Mark Powell's Blood Kin novel
Set in the South Carolina foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the late summer of 1970, Blood Kin tells the story of the Burden family and the community of outcasts that surrounds them.  James Burden is the eldest son in the Burden family.  A Korean War veteran and former prisoner-of-war, he struggles with inner demons and drug addiction.  He has returned home after almost two decades of absence to find his family members consumed with struggles all their own.

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Author Mark Powell's Prodigals novel
In the late summer of 1944, fifteen-year-old Ernest Cobb flees into the dense forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Behind him, in his South Carolina hometown, the girl he thought he had impregnated is being buried.  Her shooting death was not Ernest's doing, but Ernest fears that he will be implicated in it anyway.  With little sense of where he is going or how he might survive, the boy makes his way northward.

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